Endocrine System Assessment
1. What is a hormone?


2.  Describe feedback inhibition.  You may create an illustration, a written description, an analogy, or any combination so long as you explain how the concept relates to your body.

3.  What is acromegaly?  What are its symptoms?  What is it caused by?  How is it treated?

4.  List at least three conditions caused by hormone deficiencies.  Include the name of the deficient hormone with the name of the condition.

5.  Illustrate a second messenger system.  Label the 1st and 2nd messengers and all other features of your illustration.

6. Fill in the missing portions of the table below:

Gland                                            Hormone                           Effect

________________________ __________________ Blood sugar levels

________________________ Melatonin                           __________________

________________________ __________________ Sex drive

7.  Label the glands on the diagram below.

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