Digestive/Excretory System Assessment
1. Number the organs below from 1 to 12  from start to finish in the process of digestion.

_____ anus
_____ ascending colon
_____ epiglottis
_____ mouth
_____ rectum
_____ salivary gland
_____ sigmoid colon
_____ small intestine
_____ spleen
_____ stomach
_____ tongue
_____ transverse colon

2. What are the functions of the following organs?:


gall bladder-


large intestine-



small intestine-



3. Name and describe the process that moves food through the alimentary canal?

4. List 3 organs each involved in:

chemical digestion:   mechanical digestion:
1.                                 1.

2.                                 2.

3.                                 3.

5. What is a filtration membrane and what does it do?

6. What is Crohn’s disease? How is it treated?

7. Name and give the function of at least 2 chemicals involved in digestion.

8.  On the next page label as many features of the digestive and excretory systems as you can.

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