The Central Nervous System notes
1.  Sketch the brain and label the following:  cerebellum, cerebral cortex, dienchephalon, frontal lobe, longitudinal fissure, medulla oblongata (aka “brain stem”), occipital lobe, pons, parietal lobe, temporal lobe.


2.  List the functions of the following:


cerebral cortex-


frontal lobe-

longitudinal fissure-

medulla oblongata (aka “brain stem”)-

occipital lobe-


parietal lobe-

temporal lobe-

3.  What are the main (gross) functions of the cerebral cortex?

Left side:

Right side:

4.  What are the three meninges and their functions?

5.  What is the blood-brain barrier and what is its purpose?

6.  Define the following and give a specific site of injury that could result in each:




7.  What are the respective functions of gray matter and white matter?

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