Circulatory System Notes
1. How much blood is in your body?


2. What are the main constituents of blood and what function does each perform?

3. What are the main things carried by blood?

4. Describe the genetics behind blood type inheritance.

5. What factors must be considered in blood transfusions?  How does this relate to “universal donors” and “universal recipients”?

6. What is blood pressure?  How is it measured, what do the numbers mean, and what is a good range for those numbers to be?

7. How are individual red blood cells formed and how long do they live?

8. Describe (and name) the cycle by which red blood cells are formed.

9. Describe the flow of blood throughout the body starting with the heart.

10. Describe the nodal system of the heart and how malfunctions can produce abnormal ECG tracings.

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