Cancer assessment
Directions:  This is a take home test.

1. What is cancer?

2. What are at least three (3) differences between a malignant and a benign tumor?

3. Examine the two “lifelines” below.  Describe what sort of life histories these individuals had and whether or not they would have developed cancer.

4. What are some causes of cancer?

5. What is chemotherapy?  What is the rationale behind using chemotherapy?

6. List at least three (3) other major treatments for cancer besides chemotherapy.

7. What are three (3) of the most common forms of cancer?

8. What percentage or proportion of of the total population will likely develop cancer in
their lifetime?

Males:    Females:

9. Which types organs are the most susceptible to cancer?

10. What are some things you can do to try to prevent your body from ever developing cancer?

11. What are some common myths about cancer?

New questions:  I need at the very least a couple paragraphs on each.

12. What is an oncogene?  What does this have to do with cancer?

13. What is a mutagen?  What does this have to do with cancer?

14. What is gene therapy?  What does this have to do with cancer?

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