Star Wars diorama backgrounds, Part III
Continuing where we left off...

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

This is a case where the perspective was wrong.  It's looking down from a crane instead of at eye-level on the ground.  However, the horizon is at appropriate angle.  Solution: Crop it.

This was a scan of a backer card I found on the web.  Only a small section was useful, but it worked fairly well.

I couldn't find any good backgrounds for Cloud City's halls, so I lightened up a background from Niub Niub's Universe.

Luke disappeared!  Again via pasting with smear correction.

Darth was pasted over with some of the blue smoke from nearby.  I smeared that around to match the surrounding smoke a little better.  Obviously I wasn't very good at this technique yet.

I pasted portions of the ceiling (i.e., the underside of Cloud City) over part of Luke.  I did the same thing with the sky, then used the pole on the right to rebuild Luke's antenna (or weather vane or whatever that is).  I don't think I used used the smear tool on here as I hadn't thought of it yet.

I turned up the brightness quite a bit as well, obviously. 

The steps in the background behind Vader were replaced with a paste of the mirror image from the other side of the frame.  I did some more pasting around his head as well.  There was some painting, but mostly I used the smear tool.

This was the first manipulation I tried.  Obviously this is an important shot.  I tried to have the famous "no dialog" scenes from each film as the correspondingly last scene in each diorama.  If I couldn't get this to work, then I was out of luck.

The real hang-up was whether I could get the galaxy to work without having to seek out a while new image of one to past in there.  Well, it turned out that I could just copy the other side of the galaxy and invert it both horizontally and vertically, then past it in place where 3PO was obscuring it.

The rest of the stars were created by pasting in portions of the sky.  The wall and floor at the bottom were done similarly.  Unfortunately, I didn't know anything about the smear tool at this point (or rather, I didn't think to use it), so it looks really choppy.


Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Much of this diorama is composed of Jabba's palace (since there are about a million figures from those scenes), so I scanned a cardboard diorama Hasbro sold years ago and assembled the pieces in an intentionally random style to do give it variety.  I also used existing "Cinema Scenes" backgrounds from some of the toys (I found scans for some of these on the web).

As with the Hoth base background, sometimes a portion of a shot can be brought down to eye level.  These trees were great, but the forest floor didn't work for me.  I just cropped it to speeder biker's-eye view.

I did this on another set of forest images for another shelf as well.

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