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General sites
  • The Force.netThe best news site for the saga, collections of fan films, etc.
  • Rebel Scum.comNews and resources (e.g., checklists, reference photos) for Star Wars toy collectors.

  • Figure ClubAn excellent amateur film at Atom Films that takes the best of Fight Club and makes a good point about Star Wars toy collectors.
  • How the Sith Stole XmasThis is the best movie parody I have ever seen!  (save it to disk to play it full screen.)

  • ASCII AnimationThe ascii version of A New Hope.  How did they do this?

Fun with Found Media
  • Photo CaptionsFrom the official site.  It's moderated and has a huge audience from which to draw, so you get the greatest hits.

  • 78 Reasons to Hate Episode I I've nitpicked, but I've never come up with my own 99 Theses why I didn't like the Phantom Menace.  Follow the links and you can read why this guy didn't like AOTC either.
  • The Real Story -  There's a funny, poignant, and imaginative attempt to rewrite Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace about 12 from the end this episode of This American Life.

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