In a Star Wars House...

I've always wanted to have a Star Wars room (or two) in my house, but what every Star Wars fan really wants is to live in Star Wars itself.  I got the crazy idea to design a house with a completely immersive aesthetic in which designs and set decoration from the movies are repurposed into living spaces.

These focus on the original trilogy, but I guess you could draw from some of the more memorable locations in the prequel trilogy or new wave of movies too; I'm just using the more iconic imagery here.  There's already lots to choose from, so in many cases I've given more than one option for modeling each room.


Entertainment room:
  • Death Star - Remember that view of Alderaan Tarkin and Vader show Leia?
  • Rebel debriefing on Yavin IV - There's no better example of a group of guys sitting around watching CGI.
  • Star Destroyer - No obvious seating arrangement, but those windows remind me of big-screen tvs.

  • Eating area: Cantina - Lots of seating options: You've got the counter and stools or the recessed table with the embedded light.
  • Cooking area: Aunt Beru's kitchen - The one setting in the entire galaxy where food processors don't stand out!

Breakfast room:
  • Yavin war room - Well, I guess you could eat breakfast on that big war table.

Living room:
  • Ben's house - It's the closest thing to a living room in the saga.
  • Millenium Falcon - You've got the equivalent of a sectional and chess table.  Add secret compartments, and you'd be a fool not to follow this decorating scheme.
  • Jabba's throne room - Maybe if you're a giant couch potato.

Dining room:
  • Cloud City - Han firing at Vader is nothing compared to Thanksgiving with your in-laws.
  • Death Star conference room - Assuming you have room for a 20' diameter round table!

  • Jedi temple library - It helps if all your books are glowing blue lights.


Master bedroom:
  • Han and Leia's room on Cloud City - I know in the movie it's more of a living area, but it looks cozy.  Even the skylight is nice.

  • Hoth medical room - White tiled walls.  And the Bacta tank looks like a walk-in shower to me.
  • Vader's meditation chamber - Because the bathroom is everyone's meditation chamber, isn't it?

  • Emperor's throne room - That swivel chair rules, man.

  • Tantive IV halls - They look like they'd double as cabinets too.
  • Death Star - If you prefer a darker approach.

Closet doors:
  • Death Star elevators - This would be an awesome sight if you have three in a row, especially if there's a wookie in one of them.


  • Rebel hanger - Take your pick: Yavin, Hoth, and/or the Mon Calimari frigate.

Back yard:
  • Ewok village tree house - Duh!
  • Yoda's house - Goes well next to your pool, especially if you never clean the water!

  • Sandcrawler - Because what better visual metaphor for all your junk and unfinished projects?

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