Guitar Wars?
Which instruments would the denizens of the Star Wars universe play and why?  Here's a guess...

The Good Guys (Prequel trilogy)

Anakin Skywalker Parker Fly

See the flamed top?  It's called foreshadowing.

Queen Amidala Ovation acoustic

Pretty much what everyone plays on Naboo.  But she has one to match every outfit.

Young Obi-Wan Kenobi Washburn Nuno Bettencourt signature

Back to basics.

Qui-Gon Jinn Clapton signature Strat

Dude.  He is so Clapton.

Mace Windu Gretsch Setzer Hot Rod


Kit Fisto Gretch Anniversary

Three chords and the Force, man.

Aayla Secura Rickenbacker bass

Weird headstocks abound!

Jar Jar Binks Banjo


Boss Nass D'Angelico New Yorker

He's a jazz fan.  Couldn't you tell?

Capt. Panaka Curbow bass

Playing backup to the girls.

Fode and Beed Gibson Doubleneck

Yeah, kinda obvious.

Taun We Cloud Guitar


Tarrful Gretsch Country Gentleman

Fuzzy string mutes not required.

The Bad Guys (Prequel trilogy)

Darth Maul Gibson SG

Black and red.  It's got horns. 
These two were separated at birth.

Emperor Palpatine Paul Reed Smith Standard 24

If you're royalty, you might as well go with something that costs roughly the gross domestic product of an empire

Darth Tyranus/Count Dooku Les Paul Custom

Being a classic doesn't mean you can't still kick ass.

Battle Droid Yamaha Silent Guitar

Neither would last a round with Pete Townshend.

Sebulba Speedster Travel Guitar

They're backwards, but they go fast.

Watto Fender Jaguar

Two things that come to mind when I hear the words 
"Overpriced junk."

Aura Sing Ibanez JEM7V Steve Vai signature

This is why her fingers are so long.

Jango Fett Steinberger Transscale

Something that travels well and can be concealed easily. 
Oh, and it's got its head cut off as well.

Zam Wessell Line 6 Variax 700

Please!  She's a shape-shifter.  What else would she play?

Clone Trooper Gibson Firebird

Well, it was the inspriation for countless clones, after all.

Poggle the Lesser Alembic Tribute

A long, strange trip indeed...

General Grievous Westone Rail bass

He acts like a bad ass, but he's just a metal skeleton backing up the real bad guys.

Grievous' Magna Guard Steinberger GM

Fights harder than most even without a head!

Darth Anakin Jimi Hendrix's 
Burned Strat

Montery or Mustafar... they're both toasted!

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