Guitar Wars?
Which instruments would the denizens of the Star Wars universe play and why?  Here's a guess...

Luke Skywalker Butterscotch blonde Telecaster

Hey, he's a farmboy.  And blonde.  What did you expect?

Princess Leia Rickenbacker 325 Jetglo

So you say you want a Revolution?

Han Solo Gibson 335 with covered humbuckers

He likes to sound smooth, but he can rock out if he needs to.  He likes to blend in, nothing too flashy, but he's versatile. 

And besides, it sort of reminds him of his ship.

Lando Calrissian Gibson 355 with Varitone and stereo outputs

He's more refined than his earlier incarnation.  He has an extra switch and two outputs for when he needs to play both sides (of the stage or wherever) and needs say two different things at the same time.

Chewie Stanley Clarke signature Alembic bass

He may be big and brown like his bass, but you need to be a star pilot to figure out the active electronics on these suckers.

R2-D2 Godin LGX

He can play with the rest of the boys or plug into a synthesizer and jam on that, too.  Watch out, Max Rebo!

C-3PO Gold Top Les Paul

They've been around almost from the very beginning.

Old Ben Kenobi Gibson L5

This guitar just looks like you need a beard to play it.

Jawa Uke

What else could back up a culture of sopranos?

Gonk Droid Gretsch Bo Diddly

Boxey.  But good.

Hammer Head Kramer TriAxe

The guitar is on the right.

Muftak Custom ZZ Top bass by Dean

The fur gives it a warm sound.

Jek Porkins Gretsch Rev. Horton Heat signature model

 Big guy.  Big sound.  What more can I say?

Wedge Antilles Gretsch 6130 Roundup

Rebels like orange.

Rebel Soldier Gretsch White Penguin

This is my rifle, this is my gun.
One is for fightin', the other's a Chilly Willy!

2-1B Medical Droid Dan Armstrong guitar

This was a transparent choice.

Yoda Martin backpacker

Because aside from the occasional X-Wing for you to plug into, there's just no electricity on Dagobah.

Lobot Klein bass

If these two weren't made for one another, I don't know what is.

Princess Leia as Boushh Shure 55SH Series II Mic

Baby, with that voice, you'll be a hit!

Ackbar Moog analog synth


Nien Nunb Fender Precision Bass

Both these guys were likely made in Korea.

Mon Mothma Yamaha RGX-A2

You don't need to be loud to lead a rebellion.

Rebel endor soldiers Zack Wylde Signature LP

You'll hear it before you see it.

Darth Vader Jackson Randy Rhodes signature Flying V in black

It looks like it could cut through anything, like, say, your long-lost son's forearm.

Grand Moff Tarkin Gibson Dove Acoustic

You know deep down this guy thinks he's Johnny Cash.

Stormtrooper Danelectro U2
Mr. McGuire: I want to say one word to you. Just one word.

Benjamin: Yes, sir.

Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?

Benjamin: Yes.  I am.

Mr. McGuire: Plastics

Greedo Ibanez Jem

It's not easy being green.

Tuskin Raider Rick Turner Model 1 CP

It stays in tune better than a gaffi stick.

TIE Pilot Ernie Ball/Music Man Stingray

Cool enough to play sideman for Darth Vader.

Death Star Gunner Vox Teardrop

As if six strings cried out and were suddenly silenced.

Death Star Droid Ibanez Joe Satriani signature

Two words: Chrome plating.

Wampa Gretsch White Falcon

Big and cool.  Very cool

Imperial Snowtrooper Ibanez Iceman

Yo.  We be chillin'.

Boba Fett Gibson Explorer Custom

Only someone who would fly something like Slave I has taste this poor.

Boskk Gretsch Duo Jet double cutaway

The resemblance to Malcolm Young is uncanny.

IG-88 Chapman Stick

Admit it.  You were thinking the same thing.

Dengar Mosrite Mark I

Rumor has it he busted his head at a Ramones show.

4-LOM Steel guitar

Hey, Zuckuss, back me up...

Zuckuss Resonator guitar

Got the bounty huntin' blues.  Yeah.

Jabba the Hutt Upright bass

You didn't think the old boy was a mandolin player, didja?

Bib Fortuna Danelectro Longhorn bass

If you're going to back up someone ugly, 
you might as well be, too.

Gamorrean Guard Gene Simmons' Kramer Bass

Everyone says Gene Simmons is a pig.  Well, they're right.

The Emperor Paul Reed Smith Standard 24

He says this guitar makes him sound like he has lightning coming 
out of his fingertips.

Emperor's Royal Guards BC Rich Warlock

Red.  Plastic.  Deadly.

Biker Scout Erlewine Lazer


Copyright 2006 Ale[X]-wing fighter.  Updated 2008.
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