Emperor Palpatine... candidly
Many Bothan spies died to bring you the following candid photos of Emperor Palpatine.

Shit!  That's still plugged in!

I love coaching little league.

Screw your HMO, I'll lance that for ya!

No teeth this time, kid.  Look at these wrinkles you gave me wincing.

No, set it on "Deep Massage..."

Statue tryin' to talk smack 'bout the Sith?

Wait!  I'll promise I'll floss!


Pink Floyd's concerts are the best!

...and I'll throw in the horny guy with the blue balls.

Why the hell did I have the buffet?

Don't discount me!

Hey, Charlize!  Over here!

Whoa!  This acid's giving me tracers.

I still have my girlish figure.

Hold on... I've got a great caption for this one.

All captions copyright 2006 Emperor Alexplorer.
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