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The majority of the following sites are appropriate for college level to post-graduate professions, although many of have broader interest.  There is an undeniable bias toward neuroscience topics since that is my area.

In the news...
  • Neuroscience news -  Yahoo culls the latest neuroscience from the BBC, Reuters, the AP, and dozens of major newspapers.
  • New Scientist -  "The World's No.1 Science & Technology News Service."
  • Nature Magazine -  Short reports archived from 1998 to the present (no subscription required!).

Search Engines
  • Pub Med -  Searches everything covered by Medline as well as additional life science journals.
  • Medline -  Searches bibliographic citations and author abstracts from more than 4,000 biomedical journals published in the United States and 70 other countries.  Contains over 11 million citations dating back to the mid-1960's.
  • Scirus -  "For scientific information only" from journals and on the web.
  • Pubcrawler -  A different sort of search engine.  This one keeps you informed of new publications according to keyword (i.e., your favorite topics) and/or author, then sends you the results by email so you don't even have to remember to run your searches!

Electronic Journal Access

Select Journals

Other sites of interest
  • Society for Neuroscience -  Hosts past abstracts for the SFN Neuroscience conferences and news about this year's conference.
  • Brain Connection -  Features lay articles, interviews, tutorials, and games relating to neuro- and cognitive sciences relating to issues in education (e.g., brain research on learning and memory).

  • Wikipedia -  If you have a particular term in mind, this is a good general reference that can also point you to related topics.
  • Neuroguide -  A meta site with links to all aspects of the neurosciences: biology, psychology, and neurology.
  • Molecular and Cellular Classifications -  A quick reference for neurotransmitters/toxins, etc. from the Neuromuscular Disease Center at the Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO.
  • Biotech -  A good reference site for biotechnology from the U. of Texas.

  • Neuroscience for Kids -  Don't laugh, this is a great site that covers all the basics in colorful and easily accessible ways
  • HHsim -  A graphical simulation of a section of excitable neuronal membrane using the Hodgkin-Huxley equations what provides full access to the Hodgkin-Huxley parameters, membrane parameters, stimulus parameters, and ion concentrations.
  • Brain Connection -  A good resource relating neuroscience to teaching practice (without getting carried away with grandiose promises).

Misc. Resources
  • The Protein Databank -  A collection of 3D models of thousands of molecules along with the free software required to view/manipulate them. Also allows you to manipulate two or more molecules in order to test for possible bindings sites, allosteric interactions, etc.
  • The De Lange Conference -  Includes streaming video of all the presentations from the 2001 conference held at Rice University as well links to presenters' homepages.
  • AddALL -  Looking for a used book?  Compares prices on both new and used books across many sites, then figures in the shipping besides!  Definitely a great source for getting your textbooks every semester.
  • Optical illusions -  A terrific collection with explanations for the psychology and neuroscience of the underlying mechanisms behind these effects.
  • Brain & Mind -  An electronic magazine on neuroscience.  Contains numerous articles for readers of various levels of sophistication in this discipline.

  • Tocris -  Chemicals for neurochemistry and pharmacology.  Informative site also.

Just for Fun
  • Science Friday Archives -  Real Audio episodes of NPR's "Talk of the Nation" show.  Episodes are organized by topic (including some related to Neuroscience) and are archived from mid-1996 to the present. Note: Eric Kandel was a guest on the 10/13/2000 show.
  • Funny Gene Names -  Real, published names you will not believe for genes in Drosophila, H. sapiens, C. elegans, etc.
  • Neuroscience Humor -  Actually this is more general science, but it links to web highlights such as the Darwin Awards and the Annals of Improbable research among other things.
  • Is there an Artificial God? -  Douglas Adams' speech at a Digital Biota conference.  This collects some really brilliant ideas and is very witty besides.  Probably the best thing you will read this year.
  • Think Geek -  Toys and novelties for nerds.  Do your xmas shopping here!
Note: I just made the "happy neuron" at right from a textbook illustration.  If you find a use for him on your page, let me know where he ends up!

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