Dani's 2004 Xmas Card

D'n'A: The year in review
This past year has been eventful, though time flies so quickly, it's hard to believe it's BEEN a year since the last time New Years rolled around. Alex and I have had some adventures and experiences along the way...

In April Alex was featured in the Dallas Observer cover story on the underground hobby of urban exploration.  We continue to do explorations periodically, although the urban exploration site has languished while Alex's attention has been elsewhere.  Read on...

In other literary news, Alex was 'discovered' - - a publisher approached him and offered him the opportunity to author a book on guitar electronics.  This is in progress right now (we're enjoying the advance checks) and hopefully you'll be hearing about it hitting the shelves by this time next year.

Our travels have been fairly limited this year, but the few trips were memorable.  Alex and I drove to El Paso for the 4th of July weekend.  It was the first time he had ever been to El Paso, and I enjoyed showing him the sights as well as visiting with some old friends from my high school years.

In August, Alex re-entered the teaching arena and is now teaching physics.  That same month I went with Mom and Dad to Camden, Maine where we met up with Eric and his family.  Alex had just started orientation for school, so he missed out on this relaxing trip.  I believe it was the most fun I'd ever had just 'sitting around'.  We rented a house by the harbor, and spent the majority of our time wandering around the town, sitting on our porch and collecting sea shells and sea glass with my nephews Adam and David.

For Halloween (Alex's favorite holiday) I created the costumes: he was Emperor Palpatine, I was Yoda.  Alex created working light sabers and lightning... we had the most technologically advanced costumers in sight.  Due to our last-minute costume making, we managed to miss the two parties we'd planned on attending, but we did get to spend the evening in Oak Lawn/Dallas, and were duly noted.

We had intended to visit Alex's parents in Louisiana for Thanksgiving, but the aftermath of Katrina continues to make travel in that area less than simple.  Though Alex's parents had to evacuate during the storm, they fortunately had no damage to their home.  Alex's uncle, however, had 18 inches of water in his house, just several blocks away from where Alex's parents live.  Alex's relations are all well though, and that is what matters most.

Finally, in December, Alex and I bought a house together.  It is in the historic district of Fort Worth.  It was built in 1925, but has been beautifully renovated over the years and kept up so that any work we put into it will really just be cosmetic.  I fell in love with the hardwood floors and high, sculpted ceilings.  Alex saw this as an opportunity to FINALLY get me to clean out my junk and have a garage sale (but that still hasn't happened)!  We're moving into our new home even now.

Hopefully NEXT year we can get a card out on time.

Copyright 2004 D'n'Alexplorer.
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