Treasure Chests

Time for me to get something off my chest about yours, ladies.  If I hear another woman complain about the supposedly diminutive size of her breasts, I'm going to scream.

Here's the break-down:

Guys who like large breasts talk about this fact loudly and to excess.

Like the Christian right, these guys are a minority you only notice because they're so obnoxious.

The rest of the male population are going to be perfectly happy with what you have, and some of us (myself especially included) will probably wish for a bit less even.  Especially when you are, say, 40 and onward.

There's nothing more off-putting to me than seeing an otherwise attractive woman who opted for the plastic pair.  To me, this is like someone with 20/20 vision getting glasses so they can have a visibly artificial piece of hardware out front.  I'm sorry, was that too obvious an analogy?  Well, it's less obvious than the fact that those cantaloupes are wax fruit, okay?

Please realize that guys are not as obsessed about your chest as you are.

We only care that you're thin.

Copyright 2007 Alexplorer.

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