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For a while now I've been sorting my MySpace "top friends" by themes rather than social preference.  I change the theme each week and haven't really had any repeats so far (except where not everyone was featured in a given week).  Here are some I've come up with so far.

Relationships and interests

Fictional and/or funny assortments of characters/profiles (usually accomplished by collecting fake profiles for expressly this purpose.

Plays on names


About the main picture

I wish there was a way to partition Myspace friends into groups for easy sorting.  It would be fun (and easier) if I could categorize my friends on the other pages (besides my main profile), either publicly or privately, in other ways.  Even alphabetically, hell!

For example, I could organize my friends by levels of interaction or how I know them, most people talk about their "real" friends and their on-line friends.  I guess you could break it down even further into:

and maybe even:

One of my friends (she knows who she is) predicted it wouldn't take long before I shifted over to more offensive Top 8 lists.  She was right, of course, but I haven't had the urge to 7 or 8 people at a time, at least not among my friends.  Besides, they would just drop off the list as soon as I posted it, so where's the fun in that?  Unless you want to be on one of these lists.  If so, I'll pencil you in.

I never really came up with any categories, but, here, how do these sound?

Hmmm.  Any other categories you can think of?  I'm not creative enough to come up with more.  That and I need to devote more time to filling out surveys to repost.

Unfiled (the latest crop)
This week's Top Friends...
...are real-world folks I knew before MySpace (arranged in order of appearance in my life story; Robin wins).
...outdoorsy types.
...have sculptures as their main pic.
...are near rocks and other hard places.
...are my version of Color Me Christmas!  (Red and green profile pics.)
...spell Christmas!
...are vintage.  (Especially Barry.  Happy Birthday, Barry!)
...Halloween leftovers.  Great pics, guys!  Thanks for posting.  (In costume from parties, etc.)
...are babyfied!  (Pictures of/with their kids.)
...are stand-ups.  (Standing full-frame in the shot.)
...come in pairs.  (I've done this theme before, but it's been a while, so somewhere between most and all of these are new.)
...are two of a kind for the second time.
...are funny characters (in their names).
...offer salutations.  (People waving.)
...are all Jens.
...think their avatar is sooooooo original.  (Close-up shots of their eye.)
...the final round (for a while) of the two-fers.
...are guitar people (another re-run featuring new folks).
...are gypsy jazzers.
...are Rockabilly Rebels.
...electronic artists I dig.
...Halloween leftovers.  Great pics, guys!  Thanks for posting.
...are babyfied!
...are stand-ups.
...are retarded too.* (Nobody wants to see pictures of your kids, dammit!  Or mine.)
...are Halloween maniacs.
...come in pairs.  (2.5 in Chessie's case.)
...more two-fers.
...have the longest damn user names.
...have legs and they know how to use them.
...smell like Halloween!
...are wordy.
...are getting their Halloween on. (Admittedly, some of them look like this all the time.)
...don't give a Shift.
...NEED TO STOP YELLING! raining cats and dogs!
...are funnier than you.

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