Technology keeps getting stupider: Gas pumps

When I went to the gas pump a few years ago, all I had to do was put in the card and pull it out.  It never asked me if I had a credit card or debit card.  Somehow it used to be able to figure that out for itself.  How did it get so fucking stupid all of a sudden?

It never used to ask me for my zip code either.  Now it does as though this is a major security feature.  Yeah, because if I stole someone's wallet, there's just no fucking way I'd figure out that I could look up the zip code of the bastard's driver's license.

And why the fuck do I have to press "Enter" after I punch in my zip code?  Are there some places with six digit codes?  Why don't you just fucking assume I'm done with the keypad after the fifth number, and just fucking move on with things already?

When I'm finished, it asks me (on top of everything else) whether I want a car wash or a receipt.  If the pump was actually intelligent, it wouldn't waste my time or its paper because it would remember that I have never asked it for a receipt.  And why the fuck would you ask me if I want a car wash now when I'm ready to get out of there?  How about you bring up these kinds of options while I'm standing there for ten fucking seconds waiting for the gas to come out the fucking nozzle after I made the fucking selection already?!

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