Technology keeps getting stupider: Cell phones

In spite of the fact that the most consistent failure of everyone's cell phone is its inability to hold a charge for more than three days, the average phone lights up like a Pink Floyd concert every time it rings, every time someone sends a message, and everything else that could and should be indicated primarily and exclusively by a sound.

Why?  Because it's in your pocket when it rings, so you don't fucking need to see it.  Quit wasting the batteries!  If you were deaf maybe the lights would be helpful, but guess what?  It you were deaf, you wouldn't fucking need a cell phone.  How about cell phone makers concentrate on putting all the available energy to use boosting the signal so we can find service?

Okay, let me tell you how to hang up the phone: You close it.  Logically, it would seem that opening it would be enough to answer it.  Not so.  When my phone rings, you have to push "send" to answer it.  Flipping it open isn't good enough despite the fact that even my cordless phone has worked that way since the late '80s.  Oh, want to see who's calling first?  Well, that information is right there on the screen before you even open it.  Why do I have to push a button?  Why is there an extra step?  Because cell phones are fucking stupid, that's why.

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