Play by Play of Stan's birth... by text

Here is an account of Stan's birth expanded from my text messages.  I don't have the first part of story time-stamped in the texts, so I'll start this off with a timeline and annotate the texts between my friend Kristin and I as necessary once we get to that point.

8:55pm: Dani's water breaks.  I'm at Kristin's.  My phone is in the car because I took it out of my pocket when I got in and placed it in the cup holder for easy access (have to unbuckle and do some nameless yoga position to get to it otherwise).  The phone was still in the car when I get there, so Dani calls Kristin's phone.  "I think you're going to want to take this," K says as she hands it to me.

"I think I peed myself," Dani says, her voice all shaky.  I ask the obvious questions such as whether she actually felt like she needed to pee right before this happened.  It takes all of five seconds to conclude it's time to call our ob/gyn.

~9:30pm By the time I get home, Dani's talked to the doctor.  She (the doctor) is at our hospital already, so we go in, go through triage, watch the baby channel on tv, etc.  Eventually we move over to Labor & Delivery when a room is ready.  In the meantime they're telling would-be patients to go home because they aren't far enough along.  Different story for us because once the water has broken, it's the point of no return.

~2:00am We're long since settled into the room and no contractions have started on their own, so they start the potossin.

~3 or 4am  The contractions start ramping up.  Starts as a dull tightness and gradually works its way up to unbearable pain.  They gave Dani a dose of Stadol somewhere in there.  Made her a little crazy.  I'm sleeping while Dani is being tortured with the contractions throughout the night.  At one point she called me Mom (yelling across the room to me) even though she knew on an intellectual level who she was talking to.  She still had some residual effects from the Stadol for a while, I think.  For example, thinking after the fact that she gave birth in the AM rather than PM.

Note: Text messages begin at this point (below) because I figured Kristin was awake by this time and wondering what's going on now.  Annotations and additional information added in brackets.

Just getting ready to have the epidural right now. Not much progress otherwise.

We are at 10cm [and fully effaced], but haven't changed station enough yet.  Maybe start pushing in about an hour.  Stay tuned.

[Pushing didn't do much and Stan wasn't too far along.  She was at a -2 throughout.]

Another half hour then maybe we'll try pushing again.  I can see the top of the head but you have to dig to see him.  Waiting for him to meet us halfway still.

Kristin: Hair? Dani in any pain?

No pain.  She had an epidural.  All she can feel (during the contractions) is a little tightness at the top of the uterus above the block.  And yeah..  There is a little hair [visible] at the top of his head.

[We could also see on the monitor when the contractions occurred.  Two surface monitors were placed on her abdomen: one for fetal heart rate, another that registered the tetany of the uterus.  It was easy to see the rise and fall of their intensity across time, the last ten minutes of which were visible on-screen by default.]

Kristin: Holler if you need anything brought over - I'm just up the street. [She works on 7th just at the edge of downtown.  Our hospital was about a mile away.]

No.  We're the ones delivering right now.  We just started the pushing.  Probably be another 30 minutes.  [This was based off estimates by the medical professionals in the room.  I wasn't talking out my ass here, but it was wrong in any case.]

Kristin: Go, Dani, go!

Still pushing...!

Ok.  Giving up.  C-section time.

[Nothing much had happened in all the effort.  Tried different positions, accessories, etc.  Nothing.  She tried pushing in ever position: on her back, on her side, the other side, squatting while holding onto a bar/railing mounted on the bed.  We didn't use this much imagination to conceive him!]

1:50pm [Note that our time stamps are not in synch because the phones had different times on them.]
Kristin: Noo.  Well, you tried.

He's here!

[Actually, he was born 2:32pm, but I was too busy alternately and simultaneously manning two cameras and a baby to press my thumbs to the phone.]

And we lived happily ever after.

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