Spoiled aesthetics
I found a copy of the photo below floating around on the internet a while back.  I got such a kick out of it that I forwarded it to my girlfriend with the statement, "I so want one of these."
Even after knowing me for more than a year by that point, her response was limited to a confused, "Why?"

My reply to this turned into something somewhat lengthy, but it bordered on almost a statement of personal philosophy and could have turned into a manifesto had I not restrained myself.  I share my reply here with anyone who cares to read it.

Why?  Because I like the idea of inserting comedy or even dadaist exhibitions into everyday life on unsuspecting individuals.

When you see a car with three carefully, deliberately placed chunks of wood attached to its trunk and just driving down the road, you didn't turn to a channel where you would expect to see something that outrageous; it's a spontaneous and unexpected presentation.  It's evidence that life is more interesting than we take it to be and that many of our choices are arbitrary and not set in stone.

There is no book of rules that says you can't make a tacky adornment for your car, yet I've never seen anything like this before.  The idea never even occurred to me that such a thing was possible.

Those pieces of lumber coming together on the back of that car do a single, little deed of expanding consciousness, and they do it everywhere that car drives.  It's more powerful than a bumper sticker with some pop aphorism about how his other car is a Porsche or how "Shit Happens."

Those boards represent a personal expression of individuality and creativity as well as the freedom to display those traits.  If I am ever clever enough to come up with a similarly bad idea, then you can be sure I will go for it as well!

Copyright Ale[x]pressionist.

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