I don't get it: Smoking

I don't get it.  Why would anyone start smoking?  Yes, I realize you're addicted now, so you're kind of stuck with the habit.  What I don't understand is how you got started in the first place.  What part of addiction did you not understand?  Did you see the people outside buildings on their smoke breaks and say to yourself, "Hey, I want to have a craving so intense that I'll need to stand in the cold November rain to sate!"  I'm just not destined for coolness, I guess, because that has never been my idea of fun.

And I'm too poor as well.  What do cigarettes cost these days?  Are they up to $5 a pack yet?  I haven't paid attention to the price, to be honest.  They kind of lost me at that whole Surgeon General's Warning.  Oh, that and the fact that of my dad's family, the first three siblings to die were the smokers (not the eldest, incidentally).  The cause(s): Heart disease, emphysema, and lung cancer, the three diseases most commonly associated with smoking.

Of course, while smoking is linked to all these things, you could conceivably view cigarettes as a cure for most age-related illnesses.  I mean, I'll bet anyone with an elementary knowledge of statistics could find a negative correlation between Alzheimer's and smoking.  I mean, if you're going to be dead by, say, 67*, what are the odds you'll have Alzheimer's?**  See, I guess we can look at the positives.

Then again, smokers apparently already have some sort of early onset memory disorder.  Otherwise they would be able to remember to throw their goddamned butts in a trash can instead of on the ground like a bunch of fucking morons.

*The median age of death among smokers is 67.49.  (For non-smokers it's 76.32 years of age).  Hey, what's 8 or 9 years?  Statistics from here.
**In most people with AD, symptoms first appear after age 65.  Statistics cited here.

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