Mom's potato salad

This was the recipe my mom was famous for at my dad's work functions, family reunions, etc.  It's one of the things I most enjoyed that she made (along with fried eggplant), and so I got my dad to reconstruct the recipe for it as Mom was dying and we were talking about things.  This is a bit vague, but it is flexible enough that you can push it in whatever direction you like.  Dani has made this several times, and it closely matched my mom's, even though I don't know if Dani ever had any.  (My mom effectively retired from cooking after my dad retired from his work and started doing most of the cooking.)

*Boil the potatoes
*Boil the eggs at the same time
*Depending on the size of the eggs and potatoes: One large egg to one medium potato
*Cut the eggs with an egg slicer.  Mix with peeled potatoes.
*One tablespoon of mayo
*One teaspoon of mustard (to taste)
*Minced onions (to taste)
*Salt (to taste)

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