Names we call Stan

As hard as we worked on trying to come up with a name we agreed upon, somehow we call him anything but.
Grumble - He often makes these pre-vocalization grumbles to communicate his displeasure with his immediate circumstances (e.g., wet diaper, requirement for additional sustenance, etc.).

Conky - Between grumbling and eating and dribbling, he sleeps.  He conks out when you aren't looking.

Goat Boy - When he clears his throat, there's this sort of bleating sound like that of a goat.  He'll let one of these loose after stretching, etc.

Man Man - I have no idea why.  It just sounds silly.

Bobble-headed Boy - Still working on those neck muscles.  He'll sit up or stand up with assistance, but that head... boing!

Mr. Milko - The kid cannot keep the stuff in his mouth.  Even when he isn't spitting up, it's running out the corners or bubbling on his lips.  He's covered with it between baths.

Gummo - No, I don't think Dani's even heard of the movie, let alone saw it, but it's a good name for the Toothless One.

The Piranha - Or sometimes "Toothless Piranha."  Right from birth he was a fierce creature whenever a nipple (plastic or otherwise) was presented.  Jaws agape, head thrashing wildly from side to side until he locked in on his target.

Grin Kid - He just turns it on.  It's fucking adorable

Boom Boom - I don't even know where this came from.  Dani came up with it.

Dick Man -
I used to call him this when he ran around naked.

Dance Man -
While not a good or frequent dancer, he used to bounce around a lot.

Scream Kid -
He excelled at screaming.  He did this often and loudly

Words with "Stan" in them

We used to do plays on Stan's name.  Usually these were puns (e.g., "Stantastic"), but I thought it was funny that "stan" turns up inside of words.

distant - This describes him best of all

Names we call Stella

Baby Kid

Pretty Kid - This and the above are the most common names. 

Sister - I made Dani drop this one (sans article) early on.  I'm fine with "your sister," but as a title it sounds too much like one of those fundamentalist things where they all call one another Brother or Sister.  This has been since modified to "Baby Sister" by Stan, which I'm okay with.

Plays on Stella's name

Stelloween - The Halloween party was in her honor, much as Stan's first Halloween was a "Stantastic Halloween Party."

Stelvira - We dressed her up as Elvira for the Halloween party invitation.

Stellma - A play on Velma from "Scooby Doo" since that's who we dressed her up as for her first Halloween.

Stellabration - This went on the invite for her first birthday.


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