Muslims killing Muslims... not news.

As I understand it (based on what I get from the media), being a Muslim living in the backward-ass Muslim world is a leading cause of death among Muslims living in the backward-ass Muslim world.  What I don't understand is why the media continues to report on Muslim deaths.  This doesn't seem to be preventable.  Modern science is available to them, but the only portion of it they embrace seems to be the body of knowledge associated with nuclear weapons, which will only contribute directly or indirectly to more deaths, though unfortunately these will likely include more non-Muslims than have already been sucked into this black hole of dogmatic ignorance.

Aside from my simply not caring to hear about it, reports of Arabs killing Arabs takes the place of reporting on other deaths the American public could be doing something about.  I would propose that the media instead reallocate their (and my) limited time.  What they are devoting to the seemingly inevitable and ridiculous stories of Muslims killing one another could be better spent reporting, well, just about anything else.

For example, merely reporting the numbers of deaths due to heart disease, strokes, and lung cancer would raise awareness of the issues related to smoking and a healthy diet.  (Unless we're talking about the Midwest where a different group of alcohol-abstaining fundamentalists continues to lead the country in deaths due to heart disease on a diet that leaves the French unscathed.)  By contrast, there's nothing you can do about being a Muslim if the only thing that can make you give up your back assward beliefs is the detonation of the dynamite you strapped to yourself because of said beliefs.

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