Life Goals

I made a list of life goals that others seem to be following.  See which ones you're pursuing and which you're neglecting.  Maybe you have your priorities in order, and maybe the following frames things such that you reconsider.

I'm not saying any of these things is better than the others.  In fact, some of these could be considered overlapping (e.g., "Make the most money" might be the means to "Make your partner the happiest person/husband/wife ever").

These are presented in no order.

Make the most money
Get the most publicity (i.e., be famous)
Have the most power/control the most things
Exert the greatest change
Make your partner the happiest person/husband/wife ever
Have the most of something (probably material)
Go the most places
Be the best parent
Be the best at some skill
Be at the top of your profession
Be the most interesting
Make the most friends
Get the most education/degrees/become an expert

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