The end of junk mail!

If you liked the "Do Not Call" list, there's something just as good for JUNK MAIL.

Ever hear of the Direct Marketing Association?  I didn't either until I got sick of throwing away tons of junk mail and searched the web for some way to stop it.

The DMA is a trade association of businesses who advertise their products and services directly to consumers through the mail and other means.  Most important to you is that they also allow the public to opt out of unwanted mail from businesses via their own version of a "Do Not Mail" list.

It's essentially free.  For the price of a stamp, you send in a form saying "Stop already!" and over the course of the next couple of months, everything gradually drops off.  Both my girlfriend and I signed up over a year ago and had the same success with it.

The result is no more unwanted credit card applications, subscription offers, etc. for the next FIVE YEARS.  Anything you are getting sent to you from having your name sold to marketing lists will end.  However, it will not interfere with anything you actually requested; it just takes your name off the unsolicited lists.  Basically, it's just like the "Do Not Call" list.

Marketing companies are happy to comply because they don't want to erode their profit margin on postage and printing costs for materials that are just going to get dumped in the recycling bin (You do recycle, don't you?).

Oh, and they have an email "opt out" list that will reduce the spam you're getting.

Give yourself a free Xmas present and go to the Direct Marketing Association's website and follow the simple instructions.

And pass then this along to everyone with a mailbox and everyone who hates junk mail.  But I repeat myself.

Paperless Postscript:
You can also opt out of receiving phone books.  Check out

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