I don't get it: Why don't you identify yourselves?

I don't understand why people on MySpace and similar sites (e.g., on-line personals) don't identify their religion.  I mean, this is something you chose to believe in.  If you actually believe in something, then say so.  We're either going to be with you or against you.  Why are you playing Sweden here?  So people will like you?  I don't now, you coy little bitch.

If you have a different belief system, then let me know so I can make fun of you.  I want to call you out on it.  This isn't part of your genetic makeup.  It's fair game.

Here's where it really starts to bug me.  A lot of the time I look on MySpace for new and interesting people.  That's a lot of what this site is about, isn't it?  But I like to be able to filter out the crazies (I'm not interested in every kind of crazy, just my kind of crazy).  Unfortunately, I'll never meet a lot of potential friends because they exclude themselves from the search.  If you don't actively say what you believe (even "none of the above" like I do), then you slip under the radar when I'm scanning for agnostics and atheists... or to put it another way, people who I don't have to worry are going to try to convert me (or burn me at the stake if they can't).

And no more of this "Other" crap, okay?  That sounds like you better have a footnote at the bottom of your profile.  I want an explanation with an annotated bibliography and several accompanying data sets.

So how about everyone proudly declare themselves as either free thinkers or members of the brainwashed flock steeped in outdated dogma inconsistent with the level of skepticism they should have acquired when they saw mommy kissing Santa Clause?  Okay?  Good.

And remember, you're going to hell if you don't comply.

Copyright 2006 Alexplorer.
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