Christopher Hitchens' Word Games

In a tribute to an ailing Christopher Hitchens, a number of intelligencia gathered for an event titled "Stephen Fry & Friends on the life, loves, and hates of Christopher Hitchens."  A particularly funny thread shared that evening were the word games Hitchens either invented or participated in with friends.  Here are three of those mentioned during that evening and some of the examples supplied.

Game #1: Titles That Don't Quite Make It - Replace one word in a title to produce a title that lacks the punch of the one we all know.

A Farewell to Weapons
For Whom the Bell Rings
Mr. Zhivago
To Kill a Hummingbird
The Catcher in the Wheat
Toby Dick

Game #2: Replace the word "love" with the phrase "hysterical sex"

Hysterical Sex in the Time of Cholera
Hysterical Sex Is a Many Spendored Thing
All You Need Is Hysterical Sex

Game #3: Substitute the word "dick" for "heart"

My Dick is like a Red, Red Rose

You can watch the event on YouTube here:

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