High School Poetry

Here are all the poems I wrote (or at least that I still have) from my high school years.  The first was from my junior year, and the rest are from my senior year, mostly written for fun.  Several were written for a girl I had a crush on, but I don't think I ever gave any of them to her.

Most of these are pretty melodramatic or at least excessively emotional in their expression, all of which reads as really false to me since I wasn't that kind of teenager; I just thought that's what poetry was supposed to sound like.

They're all sonnets.  That was the only poetry form I was aware of that wasn't either couplets or quatrains.  Sonnets felt like they had rules in every dimension (meter, rhyme scheme), so I always followed those.  I wish I knew about haiku back that, as it might have been good therapy to condense thoughts into tiny packets.

The titles are kept as I found them in these files.  The first is all-caps; the rest are that pretentiously un-capped style that says nothing.


It begain when man first gazed at the sky,
Trying to get a better view up there,
And a twinkle then appeared in his eye,
For Galilio knew exactly where.
So telescopes were built and used by all,
And the heavens soon became discovered,
As the throngs that followed watched the stars fall,
And as time went by, more was uncovered.
Only, just seeing wasn't good enough,
Or so Galilio's descendants said.
A ship was built, and though the ride was rough,
It carried its occupants overhead.
Now, we shall go to the moon of Mars,
The first step in a journey to the stars.

Written 4/21/89.  Written for my the poetry unit of my English class in my junior year.  Around this time I was obsessed with astronomy and cosmology.  Stephen Hawking's Brief History of Time had come out shortly before this and he was in the popular news and on PBS.  I had done projects about the age of the universe for both the science fair and history.  The bit about going to the moon of Mars was a reference to a recent space probe that was in the news.

the brightest star

I sit on my roof and gaze at the sky,
Brighter than any, you are that one star
That makes me ponder the question of "Why?"
"Why?" I ask, "am I here, and you so far?"
Your image floats behind my lids at night,
Floating in and out through all of my dreams.
How I want to be near you in this light,
Everything is aglow, or so it seems.
Though it is night, there is no moon above,
And in the blackness I can see you gleaming.
Life is uncluttered when you are in love,
I hope and pray that I'm not just dreaming.
I assure, what I feel is not lust,
For when I am with you, the stars are dust.

Written 12/30/90.  Yes, I did literally climb on my roof and stare at the stars.  We lived out in the country at the time, where there was so little light polution that we had a pretty decent view above, weather-permitting.  My "play room" (a teenage-boy version of a man cave) was at the back of the house, looking into an atrium.  I could easily step out of window, stand on the ledge, then pull myself up on the edge of the atrium up to the roof.  I remember going up there and listening to "Hearts of Space" (on a public radio station) one night on a walkman radio.

the new year

The midnight is only minutes away,
And I can only sit alone and wait,
And very soon it will be new years day,
But to the lovelorn it is never late.
Sleep is slow to come upon me these days,
For thoughts of you run round and round my brain.
How can I express my love's million ways,
When, without you, I am almost insane?
As I said before, you fill all my dreams,
But love inspired visions can not feel,
I would be blind not to know what it means,
For you are too beautiful to be real!
That you love me not is my greatest fear,
I hope to see you more in this New Year.

Written 12/31/90.  I think it's pretty sad I was sitting home on New Years Eve, but I don't think anyone really went out much for New Years in high school.  I wasn't even driving yet as of this point, and my mom could always concoct worst-case scenarios about drunk drivers as a reason to stay home most holidays.


I am just floating in this murky haze,
Though I can sometimes feel myself moving.
And yet I am still lost in this great maze...
Visibility seldom improving.
I can do little more than slowly crawl,
And I am still afraId to go too fast,
For I never know where there is a wall,
And too quick a step might just be my last.
I've live been in these awful shadows too long,
And I've always been in this black of night.
I know there's something missing, something wrong,
But I can not find that necessary light.
That distant light is all I hope to find,
A fire that lies within a heart so kind.

Written 1/12/91.  An obvious expression of the timidity of an overly self-conscious teenager who spends too much time writing poetry and not enough passing it on to the girl it was written for.

brown eyes

What could melt the snow and dry up the rain?
What could blow the clouds out of these dark skies?
What could set this cold, empty heart aflame?
Maybe it's what lies behind those brown eyes.
If those eyes are the gateway to your soul,
Then what I see, which lies beneath your skin
Is, for this fool, any man's greatest goal,
And it's always your heart I try to win.
Even as dark as those brown eyes may be,
They always burn with a fire so bright.
But those beautiful orbs do more than see,
As they draw me endlessly with their light.
You may see through my eyes one of these days,
To see how love tears me so many ways.

Written 1/22/91.  More melodrama about the same crush.


Shall I finally make you a confession?
I have been in the most tortuous Hell,
As you have been my complete obsession,
And only you can make me truly well!
Mere moments have passed since last I saw you,
And all I see ~ is your contented smile.
You may just laugh, but my words must ring true,
Though this phone makes me too timid to dial.
In my life, you are a heavenly dove,
And if this sonnet will let me but plead,
If you can find within yourself no love,
This broken heart has nothing left to bleed.
Only one thing I am completely sure­
For lovesickness, you are my only cure.

No idea precisely when this was written, but probably among the others on this page.

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