Head start on the hate

While opinions differ on whether it is appropriate to actually "hate" another human being, people on either side of that opinion universally decry my position that it is perfectly reasonable to hate certain children.  No, I don't hate all children... as least as much as I used to, but that isn't what I'm talking about here.  You can be annoyed with kids for their less-than-endearing child-like traits such as crying on the airplane or spontaneously screaming while you're trying to enjoy a meal or not watching where they're going and running into you... you get the idea.  No, there's another reason to hate kids, and it isn't for who they are as kids, but rather who'll be as adults.

I'm not going to claim any psychic abilities here, but you can read the future where some kids are concerned.  There's just no denying who they'll be in ten, twenty, or thirty years, and I'll want nothing to do with them at any point in time... so why shouldn't I be permitted to dislike them right now?

One of Dani's friends has a couple of daughters.  The younger of the two is fine by me.  She's a nice kid, and I wouldn't mind having one like her someday (in the future!!!).  But her older sister... well, you aren't going to like this.  I look at her and see a whiny manipulative little bitch.  I watch her play her dad's sympathies because a doggie scared her (which goes on and on long after the dog has given up trying to get her to like him and has left the scene), and I see the inevitable future in which she'll be playing daddy for a new car.  I see her bullying her sister and taking her toys now, and I know this will turn into drama in high school when she'll take her sister's clothes and maybe even make a play for her boyfriend if the younger one stands a chance at a better prom date than she has at the time.

The religious right's position on stem cells is that even biological entities that have the potential to become life should be regarded as such.  And yet the most conservative individuals would be the most appalled that I look at even the possibility that the future I envision will become a reality is justification for hating this kid.  Too bad.  I hate who this girl will become.  I'm getting an early start while you bide your time waiting for her to prove me right.

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