Are you excited?

I grew up relatively privileged.  My family was reasonably well-off and I was an only child of older parents, so I would have been spoiled if that were in my nature.  It wasn't.  I knew I was lucky.  I realized somewhere early on that I should enjoy my things.  Just about every morning I would wake up and feel excited.  I didn't always know exactly why, so I would have to ask myself, "What am I excited about?"  I would always come up with an answer.  Sometimes it was because I had a new toy or maybe it was because some even was coming up, maybe a movie was coming out that I thought I would like, maybe we were going to go on a trip sometime in the near future.  There was always something.

I started playing this game again a few years ago.  I ask myself, "What am I excited about?"  I ask this even when I'm not actually excited about anything at the moment.  Why?  Because there's probably something to be excited about.  I never know what I'll come up with, so it's sort of a Zen thinking exercise toward optimism.

Don't stop here and say, "Well, that's because you're an optimist."  No, it isn't.  The question assumes you are.  Ask it to yourself, and you can only answer it as an optimist.  What are you going to do?  Say, "Nothing."  If you can't come up with an answer, then you need to study your life.  At worst, you'll be forced to get one.

I ask Dani this question all the time.  I usually have answers in mind for her, for me, and for Team D'n'A.

My personality type tends to look for possibility, and that's what I get excited about.  Some answers I've come up with to this question:

And so on.  I keep thinking of more answers as I do this; that's the fun part about this.  I want you to try it.  What are you going to come up with?
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