A few years back I found myself piling on the weight.  I was up perhaps as much as 40lbs over where I am at the moment.  I couldn't tell you where I topped out because, like a lot of people who end up out of control, I never wanted to weigh myself during that time.

I took it off, obviously, but I never had a diet plan exactly.  Instead, I fundamentally changed what I bought, what I ate, and how I lived my life.

If you are in a position where you need to trim down, hopefully some of these can help you as well:
Never eat French fries.  They're the devil.  I'm serious.  I flat-out stopped getting the combo meal after I read this article by Malcolm Gladwell.

There's such a thing as leftovers.  Odds are, you're eating to finish the plate.  What's on your plate is more salient to most folks than what your stomach is telling you.  Get a "to go" box instead of forcing it.  It'll keep.  Really.

Eat everything in the house.  Okay, this sounds counter-intuitive, but here's the plan: Don't buy any more food until you've eaten all of what you've bought over the years.  You know how you buy things thinking you'll get around to making them, but you never do?  I refer to those lapses as investing in frozen assets.  It's a waste of money, and clearing out the back of the freezer and pantry will mean you're eating things that you probably aren't going to gorge yourself on... else you would have eaten them already.

Don't eat until you're hungry. This ought to be common sense, but some senses are less subtle than others.  A lot of the time you find yourself eating because you're bored or a snack is something that represents a break in your schedule.  Instead, stop and listen to your body.  Before you get up to grab a bite, ask your stomach if it wants something to eat or if it needs something to eat.

Stop eating your favorite food.  It's that simple, and it's the single most effective strategy.  Whatever that food happens to be, it's probably the worst thing for you and you eat more of it than anything else.  For me, it was Skittles and chocolate chip cookies.  I simply decided that was the end of them.  I stopped buying them, and I stopped gaining weight... and then lost most of it.

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