David Bowie Are My Offspring: A Lullabye

Here's a lullabye wrote to my daughter Stella.  The melody is my own, and I even reverse-engineered it and worked out the chords to accompany it.  I call it "David Bowie Are My Offspring."

You have blue eyes,
And your brother has brown eyes.
Together you make David Bowie!

You enjoy music,
And your brother is overly dramatic.
Together you make David Bowie!

You remind me of my childhood,
And you represent the future.
Together you make David Bowie!

You are made of Stardust,
And your brother is a Diamond Dog.
Together you make David Bowie!

You are a Goblin,
And your brother is a King.
Together you make Jareth from Labyrinth!

You wear pretty dresses,
And your brother is anatomically male.
Together you make David Bowie!

You are Stella Woman,
Your brother is SuperStan.
Together you could be Heroes... just for one day!


I composed these one or two verses at a time over the course of a few weeks when Stella was a few months old (up to six months).  Every once in a while another one occurs to me.  I've probably failed to write
down one or two verses, and now I've forgotten them.

In case you don't know me or the kids, here's an explanation of each verse.

Verse 1: This was the biggest surprise at all.  I had always assumed my kids would all have brown eyes.  No one in Dani's family (immediate and extended) has blue eyes, so I concluded that she much be homozygous dominant.  I have blue eyes, but that presumed pairing would yield only heterozygous offspring, all brown-eyed.  The surprise was that she had a recessive allele!  It must have played Plinko down the family tree for who-knows-how-many generations, and never met up with another copy until Stella!  So I ended up with one of each, much like David Bowie!

Note: In the interest of scientific accuracy, I should point out that Bowie's eyes are both blue.  His left one appears darker-than-blue (which many interpret as brown or dark green; see, for example, the portrait on the cover of the album "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps"... which also gets wrong which eye is which on its subject).  This is the result of his left eye being permanently dilated as the result of a fight in his teens, creating the illusion that the dilated eye has a darker iris.  Both irises are the same shade of blue; we just average the larger pupil into our impression, and the blue changes color accordingly.

Verse 2: Stella is actually enthralled when I pick up a guitar.  By contrast, Stan has never had any real interest.  Around the time I started singing this lullabye to Stella, her brother was finally coming out of the phase of being very dramatic with his meltdowns over inconsequential or routine things like bedtime.

Verse 3: I got into Bowie in my teens.  Never got obsessed with him, but enjoyed what I had.  However, I always liked how he and Pink Floyd and ELO (and so on) seemed to be about making music from the future.  It's funny that someone "from the future" is also in my past.  Raising children is like that too because you have flashbacks to your own childhood while turning into your parents.

Verse 4: "Stella" actually means "star," and her middle name is Nova.  Stan was practically raised by wolves.  We foster dogs, and we realized one day that he was mimicking them.  Before he learned to walk, he would carry things in his mouth as he crawled, following the example of the fosters.

Verse 5: We bought Labyrinth on dvd for Stan.  It's one of Dani's favorite movies, and now Stan is into it as well.  We refer to Stella as "the elf" or "goblin" because her ears poke out.

Verse 6: Part of the fun of having a baby girl is playing dress-up.

Verse 7: The theme of Stan's first birthday was "Superman/SuperStan" since he was "becoming a man" (well, one small step toward manhood).  Since then, he has gotten into superheroes around age 4 (when Stella was born/this lullabye was written), so it just fit.

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