...tell me what's wrong with briefs?

As far as I'm concerned, there isn't anything, but Hollywood hates them.  They love to put guys in boxers and give shit to anyone who wear briefs.  He's always the dumb-ass in movies.  Except for Tom Cruise in Risky Business, and even then his character was an ironic protagonist.  That seems to have killed it for briefs on screen, even though I'm thinking this phenomenon has a lot to do with actors not wanting to reveal how little they're packing in that department.  It seems some actors actually do get by on talent.

This would be like some equally inexplicable trend in which Hollywood convinced women that bras were out and t-shirts were in.  Yeah, that might be fine if you're a B-cup in your twenties, but the rest of the world could probably stand some support.  Same for me and probably most guys on any warm day they haven't been swimming.

I gave into the pressure and tried boxers for a while several years ago.  There was a lot more movement downtown than I should have to contend with, especially if I tried to run.  As Kramer put it: "My boys need a house!"  And I think the whole "left" vs. "right" debate ought to be restricted to politics.  Besides, I just plain want my balls off my legs.  I mean, this is Texas, so in a word: Humidity.  Do you need me to be more graphic that that?  Didn't think so.

Yeah, I know what you're going to say about my sperm count, but I'm not in the market to put those soldiers to work just yet.  Besides, as far as back-up forms of birth control go, name another that's this cheap and easy, especially to run in.

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