I'm not a billboard

I don't know why, but I don't like to advertise.  Nothing I wear or take part in should advertise much about me or anything else.

Clothes - No prints.  I used to wear band shirts in high school and maybe even when I was college.  I've had a few Star Wars shirts over the years.  But once those wore out, that was the end of it.  And I only wear four colors: white, grey, dull blue, or drab green.  My shirts rarely have collars or buttons.  You just don't see collars or buttons on any futuristic space clothes now, do you?  I won't wear a belt with a prominent buckle.  My shoes are solid colors.

Hats - Even though hats are practical (summer or winter, especially if you're bald), they also always seem to state something.  They may be be designed to grab attention, but they're a statement in and of themselves.  Baseball caps distinguish themselves by sports teams and the orientation by which they're worn.  Most other hats are rooted in a style and era, even to the point that most look anachronistic (I live in Texas and still think cowboy hats look like a costume).

Tattoos - They're just draws on yourself like you're a high schooler's notebook.  Most tattoos are just semi-professionals versions of what a kid would draw/write: rock band logos, girlfriends' name, quotes, etc.  I don't want any of that on me.  I don't need to advertise what is important to me.

Jewelry/accessories - I don't wear wedding ring.  I don't have my ears pierced even though earrings were the style for guys when I was in high school.  I've never worn a necklace.  I love watches, but I can't stand wearing them.  If you have a phone, then they're redundant.

Guitars - I don't put anything on my guitars.  No stickers/graphics.  The only exceptions have been where I've attempted recreations of other guitars that already sported the same (e.g., EVH's "5150" guitar).  Even with all the crazy mods I do, you can't tell they're different than stock.  All the extra switches are disguised via push-pull pots.  You think you're looking at just a volume or tone knob, but there's a secret switch beneath that accomplishes some other trick.  It might be fun to have those on the surface, but I just don't do that.

Bumper stickers - I don't have anything on my car either.  If I repainted my car, it would be something themed, not just text.  For example, the year we dressed up as the Scooby gang for Halloween, I looked into getting the car repainted in a Mystery Machine motif (light blue/green with the flowers) but decided it wasn't worth the expense to replace a perfectly good paint job.

Social networking - I loved MySpace, but I never went by my own name.  I couldn't get into Facebook and gave up on Twitter after a week.  I never posted my picture on MySpace.   Don't want my picture posted on my partner's Facebook.  I only appear sparingly on my own site, and many of those instances I'm in a Halloween costume.  My parents didn't even recognize Dani or I in several of them.

Web page - I have my own site, but some sections are hidden.  I don't feel the need to put it all out there.  You can find those pages by searching.  Most people happen across them because they were searching for something relevant.  I write for my own sake and that's it.  I put it out there in case someone finds it useful.

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