I don't like the Beatles

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the Beatles.  I just don't dig them enough to feel anything.

I can appreciate that the music is good, but I just can't get into it.  Those things would seem to be tied together, but for me, they just aren't.  As interesting as the music is, as pleasant as the sounds are, as intellectually curious as I am to understand what all the lyrics are about, I just don't really care on an emotional level.  There's a void there for me where for people with an otherwise similar mindset, there's excitement.  Worse yet, I don't even care anymore when people gasp and say, "You don't like the Beatles?!"

The thing is I really wish I could care, and not just to fit in.  There's all this great material about them, perhaps even more than any other band.  There's all this great music to learn to play, lots of guitar licks, new chord progressions, and plenty pioneering studio wizardry to discover.  There are volumes of lore to read about, documentaries to see, and conspiracy theories.  They've generated hundreds of hours of bootlegs, alternate versions of classic album tracks, several movies, dozens of solo projects, and so on.  There's so much to get into... if only I could get excited about them, but I don't.

I feel left out.  Not out of being "popular" or joining in with the gang.  It's more that I just want to take in all the stuff the way I really can't with a lot of things I do like that are kind of obscure or unpopular.  I mean, I'm the only guy I know who likes Chicane enough to get excited for the months leading up to an album's release date.  (The rest of you are like, "Who?")  There are no action figures from "Contact" for me to make dioramas out of.  (Yeah, that was the Jodie Foster movie based on the Carl Sagan book.)  Those are things that resonate with me the way the Beatles (for example) just don't.

I single out the Beatles because they've been around forever so everyone's grown up with them, but I have similar issues with other pervasive pop (sub) cultures like the Star Trek and Lord of the Rings crowds have cultivated.  Getting into those things means there's a whole (admittedly awkward) social scene, lots of merchandise to collect, and no shortage of ideas for a whole decade worth of Halloween costumes.  Sure, I've always got Star Wars, but the first couple of prequels sent a lot of us fanboys spiraling into a depression whereas the Ring crowd were all like, "We fuckin' rule.  They're even giving us Oscars, dude."  But here again, I don't get to play because, like with the Beatles, I. Don't. Care.

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