Baby FAQ

This was compiled sometime in Dani's pregnancy and posted on MySpace to address questions from friends.

Since you asked...

Q: When is he due?
A: Late July/early August (i.e., in about a month... or less, probably).  We're not sure because we were too busy watching the sonogram to pay any attention to the doctor.  She has worse ADD than I do, believe it or not.

Here's today's picture taken earlier this afternoon.  He's 7 lbs already.

Not as photogenic as this kid, but he's likely to be into sci-fi too.

Q: Do you want to know the baby's sex?
A: Yes!  What are you fucking kidding?  It's all I can handle knowing there's a kid on the way.  And you pretty much couldn't mistake him for anything but a boy in the sex of ultrasound pics.  He's built like Dad, only with even bigger balls.  Holy fuck!

See the turtle?  Figure it out.

Q: What's the nursery theme going to be?
A: Awesome.  I haven't even painted it yet though, so stay tuned for pictures when it's all in place... however long that takes.

Q: When was he conceived?
A: According to the best estimates, Halloween night.  No joke.  I don't even remember doing anything, but it was a long night, and according to Tim Curry, anything can happen on Halloween.

Q: Speaking of Halloween what are you guys planning for costumes?
A: As per my Halloween policy, it will be a surprise, so all I can tell you is it's going to be awesome if I can pull it off this year.  I already had the mother of all Halloween ideas in mind before the pee stick came back positive, but now I can extend the plan even further.  Seriously, this could be the best yet, and I didn't think such a thing was possible.

Q: What are you going to name him?
A: Still haven't settled on anything, but we're open to ideas.  If you were on my friend list and checking your MySpace over the last couple months, you probably saw some under consideration.

He has his foot in his mouth.  I do that a lot myself, figuratively speaking.  I'm usually unrepentant though, obviously.

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