abcd e fghi jk l mnop q rst uvw xyz

I see the alphabet like this: abcd e fghi jk l mnop q rst uvw xyz.

Everyone calls them the ABCs, but in my mind the first group is always the four or five.  "E" is sort of like the way the thumb is sort of a finger but it's not really.  Or if you're a guitarist, it's more like your pinky.  You use the other three fingers (and thumb if you're doing classical or jazz fingerings), but the pinky is there for the far-out stuff.  That's "E."

Then there's the "FGHI" group down the street.  They're the houses on my block I don't pass by every day.  Like "E," the "F" isn't quite a core member, but it's still part of the group.  The Raphael of the ninja turtles.  You'd think that I would break it at "G" since I'm a musician, but the letters for notes aren't letters, they're names.  I don't think of F# or Bb as a letter either.  I definitely don't think of them as entities who reside between letters.  They're something else entirely.

"J" and "K" are kind of odd to me.  They just fall between a couple groups and don't work very hard to join with either.  They aren't a small group, just a couple orphans stuck together.

Maybe "L" should team up with the "J" and "K" and form a rival gang, something to give the others pause, but "L" can't really do that because it's sort of an overture to the next moment: the "MNOP" group.  Admittedly, that's an uneasy alliance.  "M" and "N" are siblings, but "O" is a step-brother or something, one who's close to "P."  They don't get along well though.  "P" wants nothing to do with the "M" and "N" pair though; he's too old for them.

"Q" is a weirdo.

"RST" are really tight.  They're like the "ABCD" of this neighborhood.  They've lived there for ages, always sharing secrets about the others.  There's no way they'd hang with anyone else now.

"UVW" were sort of thrown together.  They don't have a lot in common, but they just don't belong anywhere else.  They're friends with "XYZ" though, just as you'd expect.

Now you know my ABCs.  What's yours look like?  If you don't know, get back to me after you've said your ABCs on PCP.  'K?

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