Ron, mapped?

I've mentioned Ron at least a couple times in the course of the Time-Traveling series.  He was clueless in so many ways.  One afternoon near the end of the spring semester, Ron, Janice, and I were sitting around the dorm room Ron and I shared talking about what we were looking forward to doing over the summer.

Janice was an English lit major.  "I can't wait to have some time to get caught up on all the classics I want to read," she said enthusiastically.

I had just gotten my first "real" electric guitar a couple months earlier.  "I can't wait to get around to learning to play a bunch of new songs," I added.

Ron was a social retard and probably an undiagnosed Aspergers case.  "I can't wait to read some maps," Ron said, almost deadpan.

Janice and I looked at one another.  It was difficult to tell if maybe he was joking.  His delivery was as dry as a Stephen Wright one-liner, but we both knew Ron was incapable of humor.

He realized we didn't think he was serious or were at least confused, so he gestured to the large map of Louisiana on the wall behind him as though this was an explanation.  Yes, Ron had a giant topographic map of our state where any other male college student's dorm room would typically feature movie posters and pictures of rock stars torn from Rolling Stone.  And yet this was a guy who didn't travel, who was uninterested and unschooled in politics or geology.  He didn't even seem especially interested in cartography.  In fact, he seemed uninterested in pretty much everything social.

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