Another story about me being right

Dani and I have been thinking about rewiring the house for a while now.  The electrical system needs updating just about everywhere downstream of the breakers.  And there are too few outlets in most rooms in any case, especially my office, what with the computer, printer/scanner, stereo, guitar amps, effects processors, guitar synth, keyboard, etc.  Additionally we need better insulation.  The attic is fine (it's doubled up in most places, in fact), but there's nothing but dead space in the exterior walls all the way around.

I told Dani we ought to rewire it, insulate it, and replace the sheetrock as we go.  Dani said that would be a monumental undertaking.  No, I said, it's no big deal if you do one room at a time.

Dani called me after work the other day and said she had been talking to the maintenance man at her job.  She mentioned to him that we were thinking about rewiring the house.  She tells me that he said it's no big deal to rewire the house one room at a time.  She tells me this as though this is news.  She tells me this as though I hadn't told her this myself.

I'm like, "So you asked an expert and he told you the exact same thing as I told you?" 

Her: "Yeah, but it's more reassuring to hear it from an expert." 

Me: "What I don't get in any of this is credit for having the same knowledge as the expert.  What I'm not hearing in any of this is, 'Gee, Alex.  You were exactly right!"

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