Our Road Trip, part III

Continuing where we left off...
Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico

Dani finally got to eat real Mexican food.  I can't stand the even pseudo Tex Mex stuff we get in Fort Worth, so I opted for a hamburgesa instead... and they actually put a slice of ham on it.  

Mexicans are so crazy!

Here's Jando and Tammy, Dani's friends since high school.  

We stayed at their place in El Paso, and they joined us on our trip to be accosted by merchants in the marketplaces of this border town/tourist trap.

El Paso, Texas

The next day, Dani and I took a trip around El Paso.  This was up on the side of one of the mountains.

From here...

...we rode a cable car up to the top.  (The picture is colored like LA smog because it was taken through the cable car window.)

From the top you can see over into Mexico (that's why Dani's flashing the "M" symbol; I wouldn't remember what we were looking at otherwise).  

You can see the Rio Grande river at the far right edge of the frame.

We saw "Falling Rock" signs all over the place.

Apparently, this was the name of a Native American brave who jumps down from cliffs and scalps commuters.

Odessa, Texas

On the way back home, Dani and I stopped off at a small (~200' diameter?) meteor crater in the desert.

There's a small museum out there as well that features many meteorites from around the world.

A little further along, we stopped off at this salt flat next to the interstate.

We saw several of these on the way out west, but we were both too tired to check them out at the time.  This was our last chance to do so, so we took it.

The "lake" wasn't completely dry, so we couldn't get all the way out to the salt (and/or whatever other minerals were out there).

And, yeah, Dani's wearing a pony tail (albeit a small one) for a change).

Just a few hours away from Fort Worth we started seeing hundreds of electricity-producing windmills.  In Texas!  Who would have thought?!

We rode out to check them out, but could never really get close enough to get a picture that would show their scale.

In reality, yhey were about 100' tall, not 4' as it looks in this picture.

Alexplored 7/1 - 7/4/05.
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