To El Paso and Back!: Our Road Trip
Dani and I took a road trip out to El Paso over the July 4th weekend.  Here are some of the highlights...

Carlsbad Caverns, NM

It's a good thing the Navajo put up this chain link fence or we totally would have taken their land again.

Actually, I think this was a hotel just outside the cavern.  I don't remember.  I just woke up a few minutes earlier, which is why I looked like this.

That's the entrance to the cave.  I have no idea how the Batmobile gets down here though.

Another view closer to the entrance.

For scale, here's a look back up at the path.

Inside the cave there is about three miles of paths like this.

Also, you'll start to notice moisture droplets since the cave is constantly 56 F and has ~90% humidity (according to a plaque we read). 

We brought sweatshirts with us, but we were always on the move and thankful for the cool.

There are bats throughout the cave, but mostly they're use very high.  However, this little guy forgot to set his alarm clock and snoozed through the rest of the flock's migration.

Right after this photo, Dani was bitten and developed a thirst for blood herself soon thereafter.


Most of the pictures in the cave are pretty washed-out looking.  I had to do a lot of editing to pull anything out of many of them since I couldn't use the long exposure without a tripod (images get "smeared" otherwise).

Note how deep this goes.  Those people are on a ledge below me.  It just goes on and on like that for hundreds of feet.

And here's a look up.

Only skinny tall people and short fat people allowed beyond this point.  Oh, and short skinny people, of course.

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