The Rainbow Ranch, Part II

Continuing where we left off...
Unfortunately, the water was so acidic it ate Dani's jeans right up to the knee.

Dusty takes revenge for all the sand in his fur... by digging in the sand and getting it all over his fur.  (Hence the name "Dusty.")

Gus looks guilty, but he didn't steal the canoe.  They actually have several around the campground that are free for use.  We drug poor, neurotic Gus out in that one and went about halfway across the lake.

A nice view even if you don't have a foot fetish.

We caught this hay bale all by ourselves.  Pretty impressive, huh?

Time for more portraits!

And just look at how good I am at centering everyone in the frame.

That night we saw more stars than there are still in the closet.

Then we had a hoe-down at the pavilion.

Don't ask me why, but I totally had a thing for the blonde on the left.

Ladies and gentlemen... The Rockettes!

Of course, what started as a "country hoe-down" inevitably turned disco well before the end of the night.

After several hours of sitting in the cold and listening to all the fun we were having inside, the lesbians put down the guitars at their campsite and came over.

(Don't tell me about stereotypes.  I'm not making this up.)

Three guesses which Village People hit they're playing.

Oh, and thanks to Don for taking about a thousand pictures of Martin (whose blood/alcohol ratio would qualify as an alternative fuel by this point) trying to teach me to dance.

The next day we went nature hiking some more with Chad getting the closest to nature while I thought it was chilly enough to start off with a sweatshirt.

Later I tried to get Dani to walk the plank.

Alexplorer: Gay men want to sleep with him, lesbians wish they had a cock as huge as his.

The trip home.

Being neurotic, Gus can't stand it when I blow in his face... and yet he'll happily stick his head out of the window at speeds exceeding those generated in a sneeze.  Idiot.

If you're in Texas, you ought to check out the Rainbow Ranch.
Alexplored 10/13-14/07.

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