The Rainbow Ranch
You know those camps Jesus-freak parents send their kids to if they want to scare the gay out of them?  Well, the Rainbow Ranch is the exact opposite.

7:00 AM: Dani startles me and Pauly awake in her enthusiasm to get the gear loaded up and us to get on the road.

8:30 AM: Pauly gets adopted by people I'm sure would be shocked to learn where we're going camping.  However, now we are (for the first time in nearly two years) completely free of foster dogs, so we can get away for a weekend.

We do, however, still have my step-dog Gus, but he's all up for adventure so long as it doesn't involve loud noises or dashunds.  (Seriously.  Those are the two things he's most afraid of.)

It's amazing that a tent can fit in a bag the size of a Burrito Supreme.

We actually got the tent erect (ha!) in short time with Don's help.  Thanks to Big Lots for the cheap but quality camping gear (Someone in the next camp site over had the identical tent even).

Don grins as he puts a worried look on Dani's face with the warning that gay campgrounds are frequented by bears.

Gray is the only color we have in common that we look good in unless naked is a color.

*Fun fact: If you want to conclusive test your sexual orientation, just ask yourself if you read the above statement and said, "Gray isn't a color."

Okay, Don, you win.  But can you juggle them?

His paw is in the bowl he's drinking out of.  Yes, he's an idiot.

If we didn't keep Gus on a leash, he would have run out and tried to fetch one of the dead trees left over from before this was a lake.

Logan = Mighty Dog!

Name of the game: Get the Gus!

...and then they just stand around and try to figure out what the next step is in the game.

If Dani had brought water skis, we might just have invented a sport ourselves.

We got a great spot next to guitar-wielding lesbians, so we were serenaded to a bit of Indigo Girls and (believe it or not) several performances of "Johnny B. Goode" and "La Bamba."

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