Saga of the Painting: Outside, part II

Continuing where we left off...
Here's the side of the porch, mostly complete although I hadn't done any trim yet.

I spilled a bunch of paint one day.  If you let it dry where it pools, it comes up pretty easily with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver.  Ironically, the thinnest parts of the spill defied even my assaults with several types of chemicals. 

I finally used a wire bristle drill attachment, and that got rid of a lot of it, though it's still stained-looking.

This isn't a lot of spillage considering I used close to twenty gallons of paint on the outside of the house.  You know those giant buckets?  Well, we went through nearly four of those.

We ended up with junk from our porch sitting out in the yard for weeks.  There must be some mathematical model somewhere that explains why you have to be descend into trashy in order to get any improvement accomplished.

It looks like a winter wonderland.

In the end, we still had to scrape paint off the windows.  Tedious, but not as difficult as you would think.

When I got around to doing the gable (or whatever that thing is on the roof), look what I found...

...a squirrel!

He had managed to get about halfway into this space, then got stuck and died.

Here's a closeup.

He was literally skin and bones by the time I got up there, but he still stunk.

Dani's doing the detail work.  This is only the second time I've ever gotten her on the roof.

Finally we got around to doing the porch and (later) the trim around the house.

This was like desert.  When you paint a horizontal surface, you don't have to worry about the painting running and leaving drip marks the way you do with a roller or (especially!) a sprayer on your walls.

Here, at last, is the final version of the porch.  Dani says it looks like an oasis since it's so shiny and blue.

I still don't have most of the hanging plants back up, in part because they need to be repotted, but also because the Halloween decorations are finally going up (late as usual) tomorrow.

And here's the front of the house with the blue trim completed and everything.  Hell yeah I'm awesome!

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