Saga of the Painting: Inside, part II

Continuing where we left off...
The hallway

The hallway started out lavender, then Dani tried a yellow she liked... only it turned out she didn't like it.  I didn't either.  It was more of a cream color.  Finally we settled on a real yellow that went with the real blue in the living room.

I like this shot because is looks like a Mondrian:

The spare bedroom
We were torn between purple, red (my pic), and another green for this room.  Dani also liked blue, but we already did a couple rooms in blue by this point. 

You can see the green was beginning to win out among the color swatches.  We had too much brown furniture to work with the red or purple, so a light green was required.

As you can see, Dani can actually apply trim tape in her sleep.

And then we started painting naked.

This is primer.  We didn't always go with a coat of this first, which was a mistake.  Since we were going with the light green, it would have looked really nasty during the first coat, and I'm not sure we could have even gotten away with only doing two color coats otherwise.

See?  Naked painting!  Well, partially.

You can tell we ran out of trim tape, but I did what I could on the night this was taken.  We were sick of going to the hardware store at this point.

Here's the final color contrasted with the hallway.

The dogs find it very soothing.

The spare bedroom was the first one we managed to paint where we didn't regret the initial choice.  Here are all the "extras," the various colors we tried and didn't end up sticking with.  Some of these are also from the previous owners.  (We saved all the colors we did use in case we need to do touch-ups.)

I donated all this to the arts center down the street for the kids to use in lessons and community projects.

The bathroom
Here's the original color: Yes, pink.  And purple fixtures!  This is the world's ugliest toilet.  As of this writing, we've started looking for a replacement.

Dani was the last one to use the toilet paper, obviously.

We regrouted earlier this summer.  That was a pain in the ass, but the old stuff was flaking out like dried toothpaste.

I know Dani looks like a pair of floating arms and a head, but we went with purple for the bathroom.  It looks pretty good with the black tile in the shower.  The floor tiles are sort of purple as well, and I didn't want to go to the trouble of replacing those.

Here's how it started to come together with the hall and the spare bedroom.  We haven't finished painting the bathroom yet since the vanity will probably enclosed as a(nother) closet and the sink hasn't been ripped off the wall to be replaced either.

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