Saga of the Painting: Inside

The bedroom
We started here months earlier by changing the lavender to this blue.  Of course, we only painted one wall (and only two of the essential three coats at that), then Dani started considering painting two walls one shade of blue and the other two another (never decided upon) shade.  That never happened.  Eventually she just gave up and we finally finished off this room, ending the months-long pause in the painting.

The front room
This is one of the first things we painted around the house.  No, not the 2x4 Dani's touching up; I'm talking about the bookshelf below.

See how the back of it used to be red?  Dani decided to make it white.  Bad idea.  She didn't even do the second one, it was so obviously a mistake.  Eventually it got changed back to the original red.

(This picture is from when Kendal still owned the place.  That's all her stuff.)

Here's the room with the boards painted and the bookshelves back the way they were originally.

I have too freaking many red guitars.  They don't look good on that wall.

Incidentally, this is the cleanest this room has ever been.  At the moment it is filled with eBay junk (much of which is from her mom who has been cleaning house in preparation for a move).

The living room
I couldn't take another minute in the living room with this "aqua" color.  Like most else in the house, it looked great with Kendal's stuff, but once we moved in, it looked like a hospital.  Worse yet, the kitchen was the same color.  How could I eat with that shade in there?

We went with something blue. 

This color was great for photo studies, but... wasn't bright enough, so we went with something different.

This one is called "Planetarium."

I like the look she's giving the paint at this point.  She's like, "Okay...?"

Dani (almost) always does the trim.  I suck at detailing.

Now we have a nice contrast against the red and yellow in the front room.  It's all primary colors, so it's sort of a kindergarten when you walk in.

I wish I had kept track of how many rolls of trim tape we went through in painting the house.  I could probably frame it in terms of a number of trips to the moon and back.

The kitchen
Dani likes to tell people I bullied her into picking colors.  I keep this photo on file as evidence that she was unhappy with her own pick.  Admittedly, I wasn't crazy about it either.

And because I'm spiteful, I'm going to post this picture of her following up with the new (and final) color green we went with.

Okay, now we've got about half of that basic box of Crayola Crayons represented: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green!

(I told you the front room never stays clean.)

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