Misc. Photos

Playing guitar.

I actually used to post this photo on personals sites.  Dani saw it and wrote to me anyway.

Dani and I in her parents' kitchen.

Still in the kitchen. 

Taking a nap with my old dogs, Beetle and Minnie.

Playing guitar with Sean who does the voice of Goku on Dragonball Z 

(He's just a friend of a friend, I can't get you an autograph.)

A haircut I did myself.

(It scares me when people post pictures like this in their on-line personals ads.)

On the beach in Mississippi July '04.

Kitten: Got your nose.

Me: Got your toes.

I have a caption for this one, but it isn't suitable for a general audience.

So one day we decided to go camping in our kitchen.

Actually, we were just trying out the tent in preparation for a trip, but it rained this weekend, so that sort of limited our options.

 I win.

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