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Some of you have probably already heard my rant against giving me presents.  One of the rules I put on Dani early on in our relationship was that if she absolutely *had* to give me something, then it had to be something she made or recycled from somewhere.  At the time, I had no idea she had any talent for making cards, but here are some she has made me over the years.

Valentine's Day
Back when this trend first took off (and I immediately got tired of it after this), Dani and I took one of those "Which 'Star Wars' Character Are You?" quizzes.

I came out as Luke Skywalker, the guy who is always searching for adventure and looking for something larger in the universe.

By contrast, Dani was revealed to be C-3PO, the paranoid android who always imagines the worst case scenario (but who is inevitably dragged along on adventures anyway).

Okay, this quiz happened to be highly accurate, so Dani immortalized the results in this card.

First Anniversary
Dani and I are opposites in so many ways that we totally shouldn't even work together.  But we do.  Go figure. 

Dani emphasized this aspect of our interests on this card, including the fact that I love sushi and exploring and ninjas... and Dani frankly couldn't care less.

31st Birthday
The ink was running out on the printer on this one, but this was an early attempt at her Photoshopping an image, in this case adding the hat, party blower, and Meeko the pygmy marmoset monkey we saw at the Dallas Aquarium who Dani loves almost as much as our dog Gus and definitely a bit more than me.

This was the best one yet.  Following my subterranean marriage proposal, Dani gave me this anniversary/ xmas/ thank you card.

It's a pop-up (manhole) cover!I

Cottonball clouds stand in for the real clouds that would have been present if this pre-photoshopped picture hadn't been taken on the ground.

All this, and it rhymes, too!

The cast of characters dwarfs the one on the cover of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."
  • Neo and Trinity from the Matrix were our costumes our first Halloween together, while Yoda and the Emperor were costumes from our most recent Halloween.
  • The mole rat was a reference to our most recent pug foster who came to us almost hairless with mange (from which he has since recovered).
  • The spongmonkeys were a funny link we both enjoyed from rathergood.com.  Another of our pugs, Pearl, had similarly bad teeth as these creatures.
  • Han, Luke, and Leia and R2 and 3PO are all Star Wars characters who look over us and guide our lives the way dead grandparents do for normal people which, obviously, we kind of aren't.
  • Tim and Dawn are from the BBC version of The Office.
  • The "Moustache!" was from Joe Somar's cryptic utterance on the People's Court that turned into a viral video on the internet and a constant source of random humor between us (e.g., it replaced the word "cheese" for photo opportunities).
  • The Pygmy marmoset was probably Meeko from a previous card.
  • Yoda and the Emperor are our alter egos from Halloween 2005.

Knowing Dani, there will be more to come.

Copyright 2006 D'n'Ale[x]plorer.
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