Alexplorer's Personal Page

Name:  Alex
Other aliases:  One half of Team D'n'A (Dani and Alex)
Email: Here
Facebook: Sucks.
Twitter: Never use it.

Age:  41
Citizenship:  United States
Present residence:  Fort Worth, TX
Birthplace:  New Orleans, LA

Status:  In a relationship
Kids:  Two
Pets:  Cats and foster dogs
Smoke:  No!
Personality:  ENTP (Rational : Inventor)

Education:  B.S. (biology, minor in chemistry), M.Ed. (secondary science education).  Uncompleted: M.S. (neuroscience)
Religion:  Not much.  My only belief is that yours is wrong.

Hobbies and Interests:  Urban exploration, Playing/building guitars, Watching movies in fast-forward, Teaching methods, Neuroscience (and most other science), Halloween, and Star Wars.


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  • Painting the house
    • OutsideOr you could just drive by and have a look.
    • InsideAnd we cleaned it, even!


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