The 2010 Wall Tour Reviewed
This was a response to news from my friend Syd that Rog was filming several of his Wall tour show in 2011 for a possible (read: probable) dvd release.

I kind of figured he'd film it at some point.  I wish he would have released the DSotM tour a couple years ago since I skipped that one.  This one was worth seeing though.  The sound was great.  Not a lot of changes made to the original music.  He did the full album without any omissions and even included the transitional bits like "The Last Few Bricks."

The visuals were amazing and a lot of fun.  I was worried that the expanded war theme was going to feel shoe-horned into the original narrative, but it worked really well.  Surprisingly, they didn't play "When the Tigers Broke Free" anywhere in there even with all the war elements going on.  It was a really good show.

In addition to the projections, there was quite a bit else going on.  Judicious use of pyrotechnics, targeted spotlights, the flying pig, the crashing airplane, the famous hotel room inside the wall during "Nobody Home," flags being waved, a couple giant puppets... oh, and a giant fucking wall being constructed across the stage.  Even if you were completely deaf, you were not bored for a single second.

I had my partner Dani and four other friends with me (and one of them brought a couple of co-workers), plus one of my friends (Katie) bought her parents floor tickets for their anniversary even before I got the tickets for the rest of us.  Katie was disappointed that she spent all the money on them and didn't get any tickets for herself, so when I said we were going, she jumped at the chance.  Her dad was a huge fan, but her mom didn't know much about the stage production.  About three songs in, her mom texted up to her, "WOW!!!"

I can't wait for the dvd because we couldn't see much of the circular screen.  It was so far back and we were so high that the speakers suspended above the stage blocked a huge chunk of it from us.  The people-watching more than made up for it though.  There was a couple there who were into it like it was all for them.  Head-banging and going wild, completely un-self-consciously.  Then there was the guy who took off his shirt and was helicoptering it over his head.  We (and the event staff) were worried he was literally going to dive over the rails in his enthusiasm.  Then again, I'd waited for the last twenty years (when I first heard the album) to see it live, so I was emotionally very nearly on the same level.  It was awesome.

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